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Deliver Hope Uganda is a non-profit Christian based organization that was formed to restore hope to the hopeless orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda, reach out to people in various Godly ways so as to improve on their Spiritual- social well-being See less

At Deliver Hope Uganda, we believe each person is made in God’s own image. Since all people matters to God, they matter to us too. As such, we intentionally engage the poor, the oppressed and the needy in the communities in which we serve. We believe life changing happens through relationships. Be part of this relationship today by sponsoring a child for as low as $50 a month. Follow the link below to make a donation today.

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Hello Fam, i would like to introduce to you the Bucket Project. This is a new initiative from Deliver Hope Uganda that targets to provide support for the single mothers, pregnant women and the elderly people who barely have any access to these needs. Each family receives a bucket containing a bar of soap, 1kg of powdered milk, 1 Kg of sugar, medicated spao, cooking oil and 2 kg of rice all at $20.

In this festive season, would you want to engage in this wonderful experience of bringing a smile to a person that needs a test of sugat or even get a clean bath with soap plus a healthy meal? Click the link below to give today?

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A day at Deliver Hope Uganda is not just about providing material support; it's about instilling hope, love, and a sense of belonging. This beautiful organization serves as a beacon of light, showing us all what can be achieved when compassion meets determination. It is through the efforts of organizations like Deliver Hope Uganda that we witness the transformative power of love and the beauty that can be found even in the most challenging circumstances.

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